Loudoun Heights

Sorry about the delay in posting. There have been a lot of events that have happened over the last couple of weeks. I also went on vacation for a period of time. No worries though, because I am back and have a boat load of new pictures to share with everyone. This particular blog post is about the Loudoun Heights hiking trail. This trail provides an out look over the town of Harpers Ferry and sits at around the same elevation as the Maryland Heights trail. I’ve added a picture below just so you can get an idea of where the trail sits in comparison to the town. Continue reading “Loudoun Heights”


Week Two: Bolivar Heights to Murphy Farm

This week at Harpers Ferry I was given the opportunity to photograph more of the trails that are available for the public to hike. The current theme in Harpers Ferry is the Civil War. I read up on a couple of the trails that would encompass that theme with it so that we would have some nice pictures to go along with it. After talking to my supervisor and doing some of my own research, I thought that the best trails to hit would be Bolivar Heights, School House Ridge, and Murphy Farm. Bolivar Heights and School House Ridge are both located next to each other and are about a mile and a half up from Harpers Ferry. When you first pull in you come to a small parking lot that is at the start of the trail. The first thing that caught my eye was the three cannons that are there that point towards School House Ridge. Continue reading “Week Two: Bolivar Heights to Murphy Farm”

First Week in Harpers Ferry

Hello friends. As some of you may know my name is Devin Taggart. I have just started my internship here at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia. I applied at the beginning of the summer hoping that I would have the opportunity to travel down here and work in the Web and Social Media Management division of the park. After a couple of months of waiting and a phone interview, I was fortunate enough to land a full time Internship at this amazing National Historical Park. I was even given the privilege of living directly in the town in a historical building, Marmion Row. Continue reading “First Week in Harpers Ferry”